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Counselling & Therapies Explained...

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Integrative therapy:

‘A combination therapy’

Working with a mix of different therapy approaches to adapt sessions to your personal needs.

Person-centred therapy:

‘A therapy led by you

talking therapy which is led by you the client – I will offer a non-judgemental space for reflection and help you to understand your own process.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy):

‘An understanding and challenging my difficulties therapy’

We will work together to understand the difficulties you are facing in more depth and explore techniques that work for you. CBT is a more directive approach which can benefit from work being carried out between sessions.

Solution-focused therapy:

‘A practical therapy’

We will work together to build an action plan and understand what your needs are at this time in your life. This may be planning changes, challenging yourself and exploring a range of helpful tricks and techniques.

Creative therapy:

‘A fun way to improve well-being therapy’

A range of creative activities which cover a mix of client and therapist-led art, crafts, games, building and writing. The choice is yours – creative therapy will be combined with an integrative approach to fit you.

Lego therapy:

‘A building communication skills therapy’

You will work with the therapist as a team to build a masterpiece of your choice. Lego-based therapy helps to build confidence in communication skills in a way which may feel more comfortable to you.

Sensory focused therapy:

‘The magic of understanding my sensory needs therapy’

We will work together to understand what your sensory needs are and explore your sensory triggers in more depth. We will carry out a range of sensory experiences in sessions and gain an understanding of how sensory changes could help you.

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