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My name is Kelly, I am a registered member of the BACP with a BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer flexible therapy sessions for adults, children and teens adapted to fit your needs. I offer an integrative approach to therapy, which means I adapt my skills to suit what you need as an individual. Please see the counselling and therapies section to understand the approaches I offer.


I have 13+ years of experience working with children and families, beginning my journey to help them therapeutically in 2020. During this time, I have gained extensive experience in a range of areas. My work is highly focused on anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, self-harm, trauma, and domestic abuse. I have in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience of working with ASD and ADHD, which has created a therapeutic spark in my work. I hope to help more individuals understand and love the differences in themselves.

The therapy process looks different for everyone and with Locus Amoenus, you are in control of what this means for you. This could mean building confidence, reaching goals, challenging your comfort zone, building self-awareness, or processing trauma, anger, guilt, or shame. We will work together to understand your needs and what will work best for you in your therapeutic process.

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Locus Amoenus means

'an idyllic place of safety & comfort'

I believe that providing safety & comfort is important for healing & challenging safety & comfort is important for growing. I feel that as an individual you know what stage you're at and will use therapy in a way that you need it in that moment. 

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Fundraising & Volunteering

I'm extremely passionate about volunteering and fundraising, especially for local charities. I recently helped to raise funds for PAC (Positive Action in the Community), Samaritans and Cash for Kids. All fantastic charities, supporting individuals who are struggling with a variety of difficulties.


Kelly, I don't no how I going to put it in words how amazing and hard working your are. Before I start to get counselling off Kelly I was realy struggling with my mental health. My life as been like rolling coaster from young age I fined life so hard and dealing with my past then and I realy needed help to deal with things and I ask far help and I started to get counselling off Kelly. it was the best thing I ever did this women is so brilliant and so well skilled and helpful I been getting counselling far 2 years mabe just over it taken a long time to get where I am I started to feel so much like my self I more comfortable and confident I learned so much to deal with my feelings and now I dealed with the hard  things that was pulling me down I let go and I started to go out and meet new people and not be ashamed of myself and my past.
I started to volunteer at caffee and I so much confident I just past my coffee tringing and I so proud off my self. I thought I could never do eny think right and now I on track and far once my life is looking grat. I so grateful far all your amazing help and support and I will all ways rember you and your help.”
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